From Aardmonnik to Zatec Xantho

If you’re a fan of good craft beer and food be sure to check out The Beeroness.
It’s a lady who loves cooking, baking and also beer. On her site are some amazing recipes, some of which I tried myself. For example I’ve tried a pale ale buttered chicken and an amazing, but heavy, bacon dip for my nachos.

Tasted none but the Westvleteren XII which my dad COULD get his hands on.

Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

Colour: Amber ale with white head
Aroma: It reminded me of wheatcookies for babies, spicey, sweet, loads of               caramel.
Taste: Caramel, cinnamon, spices, sweet, hint of sour perhaps.
Finish: Slightly bitter. Not heavy but not too light either.

Overall: This is a nice surprise. Being a winter beer it was to be expected that it would have a seasonal touch and so it does. The cinnamon and caramel make it a nice bitter for nights spend in front of a crackling fire. It might be a sweet beer but it’s not full on lemonade. It has a nice bitterness and a lovely 6,9%.



Did You know?

New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys brewers put a code on their Digital IPA. If you scan the code with your phone you’ll receive the recipe for the beer enabling you to brew it yourself!

Emelisse TIPA

Colour: Amber brownish with a creamy white head. A very hazy beer.
Aroma: Honey sweet with notes of tropical fruit.
Taste: I expected it to be more bitter but it’s bitter nonetheless, fruity,                      hoppy, spiced.
Finish: Bitter, quite bitter, not that bitter, but quite bitter.

Overall: I expected it to be more bitter. This beer reminds me of the Jopen                Mooie Nel IPA which also features some honey notes. On the                      whole it is a bitter sweet beer which falls to the stomache like a                    brick.

Emelisse Crème Brûlée Stout


Colour: Black with a beige head. Low carbonation.
Aroma: sweet, soft, vanilla, actual crème brûlée.
Taste: oily mouthfeel, vanilla, caramel, creamy.
Finish: Soft bitter finish with the lingering taste of vanilla.

Overall: Wow! When I first saw this beer I didn’t expect it to really resemble crème brûlée. After tasting it I can say that it actually does taste like the desert itself. It is a heavy beer so drink it slow.

Emelisse Black IPA

Colour: Pitch black with a thin white head.
Aroma: Tropical fruits, citrus, slighlty malty.
Taste: Liquorice followed by malty notes.
Finish: A proper bitter finish with liquorice at the back of the tongue.

Overall: It reminds me more of a stout than an IPA. The aroma’s do resemble an IPA yet the palate is more roasted malts. A very suprising beer though. A nice variation on the amber fruity IPA’s.

DID YOU KNOW?: Family matters

Hop comes from the same family as weed. They are both members of the Cannabaceae family. 

Hop itself is a bine. Bines are known to tangle themselves around others plants or objects. The fun thing is almost all of the hop plants tangle themselves clockwise!